Quality Policy

The Aim of the Quality Policy

Fintrack UK is committed to delivering flawless services to its clients promptly and within the allocated budget, while ensuring full compliance with legal regulations. Operating under a rigorous Quality Management System tailored to the intricacies of cash management and transit services, we provide bespoke, secure solutions for cash handling. Our Integrated Management System aligns with ISO 9001:2015, BS 7872:2011, BS 7858:2019, and SIA standards, meticulously overseeing our business processes to drive continual improvements in environmental performance.

To uphold these standards, we adhere to a Quality Policy grounded in four key principles: ‘Business Results’, ‘Our People’, ‘Customer Satisfaction’, and ‘Continuous Improvement’.

Business Results

By effective leadership we create the correct working environment that will facilitate customer loyalty and rentention.

This will allow us to focus on a level of profitability suffient to provide a commercially effective return on investment 

Our People

At Fintrack we are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment that fosters professional growth. We aim to develop and maintain a highly skilled workforce to maximise his or her contribution to a successful business.

We will promote a culture of open communication, collaboration and mutual respect. Employees are encouraged to share their ideas, feedback and concerns.

Our Customers

At Fintrack we are focused on enhancing customer satisfaction by ensuring their requirements are determined and met. We will continually seek customer feedback in order to determine their expectations, ensure optimum customer experience and maintain their loyalty.


We aim to continually improve our processes and systems by identifying risks and opportunities.

We will regularly assess our performance and take proactive steps to enhance our services.

We have understood the importance of continual monitoring and maintenance of our infrastructure, vehicles and equipment.

This quality Policy has been created, reviewed, and approved to ensure it is appropriate to the business, demonstrates commitment to the achievement of quality and supports continual improvement and used to provide a framework for measurable quality objectives. Management is responsible for developing, monitoring, and implementing procedures in their area of responsibility and for ensuring that this policy is understood and implemented throughout the Company and Every employee has the responsibility to integrate the quality policy in their daily work. The quality policy is displayed and communicated to all staff via boards, email, and induction trainings. The quality policy is reviewed at periodic intervals (At least annually during the Management Review. This policy will be displayed prominently throughout the Company and will be available externally to all interested parties on request. It will be kept up to date and will be amended if necessary.

Implementation of Our Quality Policy

  • Conducting Risk Assessment
  • Regular Training Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance Client Feedback
  • Technology Innovation
  • Commitment to Excellence